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Ask yourself a few questions:

Do I want more power?  

This can relate to players that either have a shorter back swing in general, or stand at the back of the court and would like to hit "baseline to baseline" a bit easier. You would probably want to choose a more lively string that is strung a little lower than normal to give you more power.

Do I want more control?

If you stand more at the net and like to play with "touch and placement" , then you definitely want a thinner string strung at a higher tension. The thinner gauge will "cut " into the ball and will give you more control. This will also suit any player who has a longer faster back swing who is struggling to keep the ball in the court. More advanced players tend to have their racquets strung tighter for optimum control.

Do I want a softer more comfortable string?

If you suffer from a weak shoulder or tennis elbow, then a softer more forgiving string, such as a multifilament  construction  will suit you. It will absorb more vibration and feel comfortable without the "shock" of a hard string.

Am I constantly straightening my strings?

This is normally a result of excess topspin , slice or both. The main strings move and the cross strings cut into them, which in turn leads to early string breakage. A Hybrid mix  will stop the main strings moving and therefore lead to longer string- life.


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