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Who is stringing your racquet?

My name is Anthony Smith and I have been stringing all types of racquets in my shop, Jolly Good Sports of Petts Wood, for over 19 years. Although the shop is now closed, I am now working as dedicated Racquet Stringer.

Having initially completed an intensive course with Apollo Leisure (Apollo being the UK's leading string and accessories specialists), I have developed  my own knowledge as well as a few new techniques.

My experience has been built from mainly one source--Customer feedback. If a customer tells me that a certain string plays well at a certain tension, I take note.

If a customer tells me that a certain string doesn't last very well, then I won't suggest it to  someone that needs a durable string , and so on.

Basically, my experience and knowledge has been gained from listening to many players over the years , ranging from professional competitors and coaches, to  occasional club players of all ages.

Having strung racquets as a profession and not as a hobby or just to earn a few extra pennies, I am happy that I am able to meet the needs of any players to help them to play their sport to their highest potential.

One more thing, every racquet that comes through the localracquetstringer.co.uk website is strung by me and not moved on to some other party.

Thanks for using us,


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If you are not sure about your requirements and need to talk about your restring and the way that you play, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

M: 07866 451 557

E: info@localracquetstringer.co.uk

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If your club or gym is in the local area and you would like this service for your members, please contact us on: 
07866 451 557 or email us: info@localracquetstringer.co.uk for more information.

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