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Ask yourself a few questions.

Where do I tend to play most of my game? Front or back?

If you stand nearer the net, you would benefit from a thinner string strung at a higher tension. The string will "cut" into the shuttle, and the higher tension will provide greater control for those "touch" shots over the net. 

You will not lose power for those smashes as the thinner gauge string has more repulsion.

If you play more from the back of the court, you will probably want to take a little off the tension to give you some power back so you can "clear" the shuttle to the other side of the court.

Still a thinner gauge string, but with a harder feeling seems to work well.

Do I need a more durable string?

If your string is breaking too quickly in the middle of the racquet, then the answer is "Yes". 

If it keeps breaking near the frame, then you either have a couple of split grommets which can easily be replaced, or you strings are getting worn on the outside of the frame.

The latter is caused by "Scooping" up shuttles off the floor with your racquet. "Picking" them up will prolong the life of your strings.

Please remember to leave the strings in your racquet so that we may see where, and therefore why , it has broken.


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