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How Often Should I Have My Racquet Re-strung?

Don't wait to break a string to have your racquet strung- it may never happen!

Basically, it's the same for all racquet sports, the rough guide being: How ever many times you play during the week, have your racquet strung during the year. (ie  twice a week= twice a year).

This rule doesn't always work however if you are a "string breaker".

If you are, then look for a durable string when booking your racquet in. Many different factors effect the life and tension of a string, eg. dampness, cold weather, humidity, direct sunshine and so on.

Once a string has been put into a racquet, it is already starting to lose tension. Some strings stretch less than others, but they all lose their  original tension eventually.  

If you are a tennis player, then spring and autumn are  good times to have your racquet strung. In the summer , tennis balls are faster and so more control is a good idea.

In the winter, the balls play slower and so a bit more power is needed.

A good test to see if your racquet needs a new string is to "bounce" the string bed against the palm of your hand.

If you hear a dull "thud", then it's probably time to put a fresh, lively string into your frame.

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