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The Many Types of String Construction

There are so many different 'types' of string on the market and  brands we use offer all, if not most.

Below is a list of all the different string constructions available, which will help you choose the right string for you.  

In brackets is the 'construction code' which will appear after each  price when you are choosing which brand and type of string you want.

  • Monofilament (MON)- Solid core construction producing a durable string with a fairly 'hard' feeling.
  • Solid core with a single wrap. (SCSW) - Very popular construction as the solid core retains the tension and provides durability, whilst the outer wrap provides playability.
  • Kevlar mix  (KM)- The ultimate in durability, it is the toughest string on the market. It is mixed with synthetic gut  for the crosses  just to add some much needed comfort.
  • Solid core with multi-wrap (SCMW) - The extra outer wrap increases comfort and playability , though the thinner core reduces durability.
  • Multi-core with multi-wrap (MCMW) - The multi-filament core increases elasticity, while the outer wrap protects the core.
  • Multi-filament (MF) - The closest thing to natural gut made out of synthetic fibres and no core. Plays great but tends to lose tension quicker than strings that have a core.     There is also a bit of a trade off with durability only scoring about 7/10.
  • Natural gut (NG)- The best  when it comes to playability, power and feel, though it's durability, or lack of it and the price, means that it has a limited market.
  • Hybrids (HB)- A combination of a Mono-filament for the main strings and a softer Synthetic gut for the crosses. A very popular choice for string-breakers that hit with a lot of topspin.

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