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Terms & Conditions

1. We are  only  responsible for the security of your racquet once it is in the possession of localracquetstringer.co.uk.( ie the time between us collecting it and then returning it)

2. Any frame damage may only be spotted after the strings in your racquet have been cut out. This is because the frame 'relaxes out' once the string tension has been released, and any cracks become more obvious. In this case, we will return your racquet unstrung  with the damage highlighted.

3. Unfortunately, strings cannot be guaranteed because it is even possible to break a new string with a "miss hit'. However , if you have anything you are not happy with, then please feel free to contact us at localracquetstringer.co.uk.
We would rather know!

4. Please make sure you have taken note of when your racquet will be picked up by us  (ie the next collection day). With this in mind, ensure also that you have booked in and paid for your service no less than 48 hrs before the next scheduled 'drop off' day, so it may be returned as soon as possible. Racquets can only be serviced once booked in and paid for.

5. This site contains some links to other websites. We are not responsible for the contents and operation of such sites.

6. Wherever possible, we will supply exactly the products you have ordered. However, occasionally we may be out of stock of a certain grip or string, in which case, we will contact you to suggest a suitable alternative.

7. Your private information held by us is kept secure. When you book our service, you will need to supply you name, phone contact, email, and through our Pay Pal service, your payment details. None of these will ever passed on to third parties. From time to time, you may be contacted direct by us notifying you of any offers or latest news.

Get In Touch

If you are not sure about your requirements and need to talk about your restring and the way that you play, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

M: 07866 451 557

E: info@localracquetstringer.co.uk

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If you would like our service at your club or gym, please
feel free to email us at info@localracquetstringer.co.uk